The minimum deposit depends on the account type you have chosen. For the STP account, the minimum deposit is set to be $100, for the Standard account, the minimum deposit is $10.

It will take 5 to 15 minutes to reflect in your trading account.

We have a payment system called "Surepay". "Surepay" will bring you directly to FPX payment where you can choose to deposit via the local banks.

We will process your withdrawals within 24 hours.

There are no charges for all deposits and withdrawals for our clients.


Daio Capital accepts Identification Card, driving licences, bank statements and utility bills.

Verifying the identity of a customer that is signing up for a forex account helps determine whether the customer is indeed who they say they are. Screening their names against AML watchlists helps ensure that they haven’t, historically, been associated with financial crimes such as money laundering — this helps prevent fraud by surfacing bad actors before they can potentially start misusing a forex service.

There are a few reasons your profile is not verified such as documents not completed, documents declined, or pending checking by our compliance department.

In order to pass profile verification, please follow the steps below:

1. Login into your client's cabinet. Go to 'My Profile'.
2. In the 'Documents' section, please upload your front of ID, back of ID, and proof of address document.
3. After choosing all files, click 'Upload'.
4. Your documents will be sent for verification. The verification process only takes only a few minutes up to 48 hours.

The documents must be following our KYC approval criteria to be approved. The document is rejected because it does not follow our approval criteria.

Below are some of our approval criteria:

1. Copy of original document with the original colour. The black and white, dim, faded, or pale is not acceptable.
2. For ID and passport, the picture must be in a rectangular shape. The photocopy or black and white images of ID, passport, and proof of address document is not acceptable.
3. The registered name must have a similarity to the name in the ID/passport or driver’s licence.
4. The client must be uploading both sides of the ID.
5. The validity of documents must be 90 calendar days from the expiry date.
6. The age from date of birth must be 18 years old and above, not exceeding 70 years old. 7. First-time registration. A client is not allowed to register more than one profile account.
8. The size of documents must be big enough to view or can be zoomed in. The edges of the ID/licence image are not cropped.
9. The document must be clear and fully visible without any obstruction. The important details such as name, ID number or passport number, address, and main picture must be fully visible and clear, not blocked, and not cropped.

Kindly note that the registered name and address must be similar to your uploaded documents. Our KYC procedure will reject your approval status if the change made to your name and address is not tally with the approved documents.

In order to change your name and address, please follow the steps below:

1. Login into your client's cabinet. Go to 'My Profile'.
2. In the 'Edit your info' section,click 'Edit'.
3. You can proceed to edit your name and address or correct the spelling. When you are finished, click 'Save Changes'.