Local Depositor

Local depositor, an agent (person or company) authorised by Daio Capital LTD to handles the funds of our local clients which includes deposits, withdrawals and consultations.

Local depositor is usually our partner or a trader who knows our services very well, so clients can be consulted by them before depositing or withdrawing.

Disclaimer: Local depositors take full responsibility for deposits and withdrawals via this matter and Daio Capital Ltd will not be accountable.

Benefits of Local Depositor
Reasonable Deposit & Withdrawal Rate
Fast Execution
Safe and Easy Transaction
Local Customer Service Support
Efficient and Reliable
No Charges

Requirements to become Local Depositor

● Strong Payment Portfolio

● Strong Past Financial Report

Details of Local Depositor
  • Name : Monarca Tiqnia Sdn Bhd
    Account Number : 26403000018920
    Bank Name : RHB
    Payment Reference : Payment
    Phone : +6012-2601186